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A One Herbal – A Natural Remedy

Welcome to the world of A One Herbal (AOH) which provides the valuable content of herbal medicines so that you can choose the right direction for your health. Here you will find natural remedies which we have applied ourselves in day to day life to cure the different health problems. Most of the herbs in Ayurveda are easily available in grocery. By using these Ayurvedic medicine you can treat yourself at home at reasonable prices.The herbs in Ayurveda is not  a medicine, it is a type of Ayurvedic balanced diet which not only cure the disease but makes our immune system strong to fight against illness and provides nourishment to our body.

 It is one which helps to retain better health of people and well-being. It is a lifelong process. Healthy Lifestyle includes healthy eating and its benefits, physical activities, weight and stress management, personal hygiene, proper sleeping pattern.

According to the Hindu Vedas the word ‘Herbal’ means the ‘extract’ made from plants. This extract is in powder or liquid form that is used to make Herbal and Ayurvedic medicines. Ayurvedic treatment methods are still practiced in many parts of the world.

Health issues are abnormal conditions which negatively affects the structure or function of body or a particular part of organism. These occur due to the invasion of pathogens or foreign bodies i.e. bacteria into the body which in turn cause diseases.