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This place is for natural-minded people like you. Who has dreamt of well-stocked herbal medicines, herbal fruits, herbs and Ayurveda treatments. We believe that we are each take charge for our own health. Our ability to choose right have a direct effect on our health. And it is up to us to make more healthy decisions than unhealthy ones. We believe that doing anything beneficial takes time. And there will always be a learning curve to get over. This holds true for our health too. Don’t expect rapid results and don’t expect to find the right path immediately. Life is a journey. Embrace the trip !

About Us

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A One Herbal (AOH) is a personal blog found by Anjali Garg and Shaweta Garg under the supervision of Sh. Chander Shekhar Garg (Father). We have started this blog inspiring by passion of our father towards Ayurveda. By profession he is an Ex Govt. Employee. But side by side he practices the ayurvedic treatments at home to serve the needy people. Our main objective is to provide content about Herbal Remedies. So we can reach an world audience. And enrich so many lives through Ayurvedic Knowledge.