What is Asthma? How does it Cause? What are the Symptoms and Treatments to Prevent Asthma?

What is Asthma? How does it Cause? What are the Symptoms and Treatments to Prevent Asthma?

Air plays an important role in our respiratory system. Respiration process is essential for human and other lively body systems. According to the ancient science of Ayurveda, a normal human being can live up to 2 months without eating food. And can live up to 7 days without drinking water. But without air human being cannot live more than 4 minutes. During the respiration process, we inhale and exhale the air while breathing. In one minute we breathe 16-18 times. When we breathe we inhale and exhale 500 ml air.


The Respiratory system is an essential part of your body on which your life relies on. For Inhaling and exhaling process (respiration) organs like nose, throat, bronchi, and lungs are used. Bronchi and lungs play an important role in your respiratory system.

  • What is Asthma?
  • How Asthma Causes?
  • Causes of Asthma
  • Symptoms of Asthma
  • How to Diagnose Asthma?
  • Disorders During Asthma
  • Ayurvedic Treatments to Cure Asthma
  • Points to Remember

What is Asthma?

When there is an obstruction in the airflow or airways of your lungs and shortness of breath during the inhaling and exhaling process of respiration is called Asthma. The various problems that cause an obstruction in the process of inhalation and exhalation come under the class of asthma.

How Asthma Causes?

Everyone needs oxygen. It is the vital constituent of air. The heat, energy, and metabolism of all elements contained by body cells are produced through oxygen. We inhale oxygen through breathing. When we take a breath through our nostrils. The air reaches to throat and pharynx. After that, the air passes through the larynx and reaches the bronchi or trachea or alveoli.


Causes Of Asthma


The trachea divides into two bronchi in the middle of the chest. These bronchi enter the lungs of your respiratory system. Further, they branch into innumerable narrow smaller tubes described as bronchioles or bronchioli.

The bronchioles are the airways or passageways which air passes through the nose or mouth to the alveoli (air sacs) of the lungs. When there is a sudden constriction of the muscles in the walls of the bronchioles. Then these airways become narrow and swell and produce extra mucus. Due to which there is an obstruction in the exhalation and inhalation process of your respiratory system. And the problem of asthma causes.

Causes of Asthma

  1. Allergy

Some things do not keep up a balance with your body. If such things enter your body. Then your internal defense mechanism not handles them and oppose them. Due to this opposition, there is a loss of tissues of your body. And this comes out in the form of Symptoms of Allergy [2]The body part in which opposition of defense mechanism occurs that part shows symptoms of allergy.

If the irritation occurs in the eyes. It shows symptoms like itching and redness of eyes. Same if there is an allergy in the throat. It will produce a sore throat. And if it enters the nose. Then the sneezing begins and blocks the nose due to cold.

Allergy varies from person to person. Every asthma patient has a different type of allergy. And that allergy produces through various types of things. These things are called Allergens i.e. from which the allergy is developed. For eg. Fragrance of perfume provides relief to some people. But for some people, it creates an allergy.

The list of allergens from which allergy cause is large. In the universe, there are millions of allergens that cause allergy-like dust, air pollution, pollen grains, the feather of birds, hair, eatables etc. The animals with hair like dog, cat, goat, donkey, horse, cow etc. also lead to allergy. Similarly, the feather of birds and the web of insects cause allergy.

Some persons have an allergy from fish, egg, meat, milk, moong ki dal, peas, ice cream, juice, and oily food. Asthma patients have also allergy from pain-relieving medicines like aspirin.

To know better about allergy lets take an example of Onion. When you peel the onion. If your eyes damp with tears. It is not an allergy. But if you play with a dog. And your eyes damp with tears or itching occurs. Then we call it an allergy.

Why Allergy Causes?

According to the principles of Geneticist, some habits of parents transfer naturally to their children through their Genes. Asthma and Allergy are also one of the Genetic Diseases. The Genes of these disease transfer from one generation to another generation. This is the main reason that some people have an allergy from general things. While others have no problem from such things. So Allergy affects people in different ways. And this allergy causes various types of disease.

Symptoms Of Allergy

Symptoms of Allergy

When the allergens enter the body. They cause allergy. And allergy, in turn, affects a particular organ of the body like eyes, nose, skin, and bronchi etc. Some persons have an allergy for a particular organ throughout life. But some people have an allergy for different organs according to time. When this allergy occurs in bronchi. It results in the shrinkage of bronchi. And it will lead to shortness of breath. Due to which the problem of asthma occurs.

When a patient comes in contact with components that cause asthma. The problem of asthma occurs in two ways. As the patient comes in contact with pollen grains. The first attack of asthma occurs between two to three minutes. And the second attack comes after 8-10 hours of contacting pollen grains. While the second attack is more painful and triggered.

It is true that the asthma attack causes mainly due to allergy. But there are some other reasons responsible for asthma.

  1. Mental Stress

It is observed the person suffering from conditions like stress, anxiety, grief, jealousy, anger, and irritation have asthma than the ordinary person.

  1. Pollution

According to a survey number of people belong to Delhi are suffering from asthma. The main reason behind this is pollution. In the present era, pollution has increased to such an extent in the atmosphere. It becomes difficult to breathe in the clean air.

In the urban area the establishment of industries, increase in population, the use of vehicles leads to pollution. Smoke emitted by these vehicles has carbon particles and chemicals. We inhale this smoke and suffer from various diseases like Asthma,  Emphysema, Tuberculosis (TB) and Pneumonia.

  1. Severe Flu

Due to severe cold inflammation(swelling) occurs in the nose, throat, and respiratory system. And it causes asthma.

Symptoms Of Asthma

As we have explained the causes of asthma in the above section. Now, we will explain the symptoms of asthma here. When the asthma patient suffers from an attack. Following symptoms [1] will appear in the patient.

  • Asthma patient feels difficulty during the exhalation of air.
  • Due to the constriction of respiratory system walls. When the patient breathes. The sounds of whistle produce. And it causes the wheeziness.
  • Generally, asthma attack starts from sneezing. Redness of eyes, tear in the eyes and cold are the main symptoms of asthma attack.


Symptoms Of Asthma


When the asthma attack is in full swing. Then the muscles of the neck of the patient move up and down with his ribs. At this time the patient feels uneasiness. But when the sputum comes out from the mouth due to cough. It provides relief to the patient.

The external symptoms can be recognized by observing the condition of the patient during the asthma attack. At the time of the attack, the patient struggles with his condition. The patient puffs and feels the tightness and stiffness in his chest.  The color of the patient’s face turns yellow and blue, and the ear becomes blue. The veins of temples (Kanpatti) and neck of patient emerge out. The body of the patient is full of sweat. He feels stress and fear. In some cases of asthma swelling of a face, foot, and hands shown at the night-time and day time.

How To Diagnose Asthma?

According to the symptoms of asthma as we have explained. The patient may suffer from asthma or maybe not. To make sure whether the patient has suffered from asthma or not. Following are the techniques to diagnose the problem of asthma.

  • Spit Test
  • Feces Test
  • Blood Test followed by TLC (Total Leukocyte Count); DLC(Differential Leukocyte Count); E.S.R. (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate); Haemoglobin; eosinophils count
  • X-ray of Lungs
  • C.G. of Heart
  • Spirometry Test
  • Allergy Test
  • Nasal Smear Test

Disorders During Asthma

It can understand by the patient only, how painful is an asthma disease. Due to asthma, some other health issues developed. These health issues become obstructor in the ordinary life of the patient.

#1 Bronchitis




Bronchitis is the main disorder of asthma. In Ayurveda, it is called as swashni shoth i.e. the swelling of the bronchi. Due to this, the patient suffers from a chronic cough. And the sputum comes out and feels relaxed.

When the asthma problem gets too old. The internal walls of bronchi become thick than the ordinary walls of the bronchi. In this condition, the air sacs shrink. Eventually, difficulty causes in the inhaling-exhaling process. In some frightful cases of asthma, the alveoli of lungs damage. This is more painful to the patient.

#2 Emphysema

It is a very painful disorder of asthma. Due to the endurance of emphysema for a long time. The elasticity of the tissues of the lungs is stretched. And the contraction power of tissue of the lungs decreases and destroys.

Due to this, the size of the lungs expands. And the power of the lungs decreases. The patient suffering from emphysema can’t walk to a little distance even. As he walks at some distance. The breathing rate of asthma patient becomes fast. And the patient starts puffing.

#3 Dilation Of Heart


Dilation Of Heart


When the asthma problem exists for a long time. The working power of the lungs starts decreasing. Lungs become weak. Because the heart and lungs are complementary to each other. Due to a decrease in the working power of lungs, the stress of work on the heart increases. And heart size also increases. Due to it, the working power of the heart becomes weak.

In this condition, the right heart inset vault does not contract properly. Due to this hindrance, the heart cannot pump blood so effectively. Some amount of blood remains in the right inset of the heart and size enlarges. Then the contraction power of the heart weakens.

#4 Tuberculosis (TB)

If the patient does not care about the treatment of asthma for a long time. Then the lungs become weak and the stamina of the lungs also exhausts. Due to this reason, the lungs become infectious, especially the infection of  Basical Tuberculosis. This condition can prove dangerous to the patient and the TB starts increasing.

#5 Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a troubling disease of lungs. Due to this patient suffers from chest pain, severe fever, and the high breath rate. During the beginning of the disease, the patient suffers from a dry cough. But after that, the dry cough mixed with phlegm and blood starts. The face of the patient turns red and lips become dry with a white layer on them. The blood also mixes with the saliva of the patient. And the patient suffers from high fever. Pneumonia takes birth from various types of germs. The phlegm turns thick in this disease. Due to which temperature of the body increases.

#6 Pleurisy




It is of two types – Dry or Wet. This disease is related to the lungs and the disorder of asthma. Our lungs are covered with a thin membrane that sticks to the lungs from one side and the other side of the membrane sticks to the ribs. It is called as Pleura.

When the pleura swells then the liquid substances present in the membrane reduce. In this condition when the lungs expand then the friction between the lungs and the ribs fixed with other membrane occurs. Due to this friction, sharp pain occurs and it is called Dry pleurisy.

In opposition when the excess liquid substances increase in the pleura of the membrane. Then these liquid substances start accumulating in the lower part of the lungs and near the upper part of the abdomen. Due to which the lungs cannot get enough space to expand. And the patient feels pain during when he takes a breath. It is called Wet pleurisy.

Ayurvedic Treatments To Cure Asthma

Asthma is a chronic disease. To save yourself from asthma. There are special treatments you have to follow necessarily. In Ayurveda, Ancient rishi-munis have suggested many treatments to fight against asthma.

Let us discuss one by one.

1. For Bronchial Asthma

There are few ways to cure bronchial asthma

a) Ingredients

Swash kas Chintamani ras – 120 – 240 mg

Pippali Churn                    – 500 mg

Mix these ingredients and take this mixture one tablespoon of honey twice a day.

b) Ingredients

Swash Kothar ras – take 2 tablets with one tablespoon of honey twice a day.

c) Ingredients

Kankasav – Take 5-10 ml with an equal amount of water twice a day.

Chawyanprash Avleh – Take one teaspoon with milk twice a day.

2. Chronic Asthma or Uneasiness


Chronic Asthma


If the patient feels uneasiness in chronic asthma then you take these medicines

a) Ingredients

Nāga arjuna ras – 180 mg

Swashkas Chintamani Ras – 120 mg

Take this mixture twice a day during day and night-time with honey.

b) Ingredients

Kankasva – take two teaspoons with an equal amount of water twice a day after meal.

3. Weakness Of Asthma

When the patient feels weakness, indigestion in asthma then take these medicines as described below.

a) Sutshekhar ras – 125 mg

Praval Panch Amrit – 125 mg

Mix these ingredients with honey and take this mixture during the morning and evening time.

b) Chitrakadi Vati – take one tablet twice a day with water after the meal.

4. Shortness Of Breath or Nervousness

 Arjunarisht – Two teaspoon full with an equal amount of water take this mixture twice a day during morning and night-time.

Brahm Rasyana – take one teaspoon with milk by adding rock candy (mishri).

5. The Rapid Rate Of Breath

Pippalayadi Loh – 720 mg

Muktashukti Bhasam – 200 mg

Divide this mixture into eight parts and take one part of this mixture after every four hours.

Bagularisht – 10 ml with an equal amount of water twice a day.

6. For Asthma



a) Ingredients

Swashkas Chintamani Ras – 300 mg

Muktadi Churna                 – 300 mg

Apamarg Kshar                   – 500 mg

Swash Kothar Ras              – 300 mg

Talisadi Churna                  – 3 g

Divide this mixture into 3 parts and take this mixture thrice a day after every 4 hours.

b) Ingredients

Swash Kothar Ras – 500 mg

Kapuradi Chruna   –  2 g

Sut Sagar                – 300 mg

A Barak Bhasam    – 500 mg

Take this mixture with lisoda kwath 3 times a day.

c) Garlic You can use garlic to cure asthma.

Note: These medicines are prepared by many ayurvedic companies or pharmacies. But you can take these medicines of some best pharmacies like  Baidynath, Dabur, Zandu, Multani Pharma, Saandu, Swasth vardhak etc.

Points to remember

  1. Pranayam proves beneficial for asthma.
  2. When the patient suffers from asthma attack take one glass of hot water and tea drink it slowly by taking a sip.
  3. Use of ginger extract also helps to cure asthma.
  4. Take a morning walk in the fresh air daily.
  5. Take a light meal during the night and before sunset.
  6. Avoid milk, butter, banana, oily food, and sour food items.
  7. Intake maximum amount of water daily. It helps in expulsion of phlegm due to cough easily.

Allergy is the main cause of asthma. The patient of asthma has to know the reason of asthma attack. Drinking and Smoking also cause asthma. For asthma patient, oily food, sour food items, ice cream, pickles, chutneys, tamarind, banana, rice, guava, urad dal, and ladyfinger are bad. It is mandatory for asthma patient to take light meal daily especially during night-time. Because if the patient has taken a meal more than his appetite. Then he can suffer from an asthma attack during sleeping at night-time.



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