How Dates can be Used as an Ayurvedic Balanced Diet? 20 Amazing Ayurvedic Benefits of Khajoor

How Dates can be Used as an Ayurvedic Balanced Diet? 20 Amazing Ayurvedic Benefits of Khajoor

“The mine of qualities”

As you see above I have written some words. Yeah, today we talk about the fruit that is also called a breath of “Sahara Desert”. A sweet and very delicious fruit. Everyone likes it and eat with gracefully. It is very cheap, very sweet and full of nourishment. Does anyone guess what type of fruit is that we talk about? Oh, someone tells me it is mango fruit. But not at all. So let’s go and find the fruit!

I am talking about the delicious fruit i.e. Dates (Khajoor). Yeah, today we will discuss the Khajoor. Dates are called “the mine of qualities”. Because it is a fruit that is beneficial for people of every age (From Children to Aged Person).


  • Description of Dates
  • Distribution of Dates
  • Different Names of Dates
  • Types of Dates
  • Nutritional Value of Dates
  • Qualities of Dates
  • Benefits of Dates as an Ayurvedic Balanced Diet

Description of Dates

The dates are one of the most nourishing fruits. The palm dates are universal fruit. They are included in the category of both dry and fresh fruits. The khajoor is a cylindrical fruit of yellow to reddish brown color. It has fleshy pericarp surrounding a single seed contains 60-70% of sugar. The ripe fresh dates are delicious fruit. Khajur undergoes fermentation very rapidly. Khajur is dried in the sun and looses about 35% of its weight. The Dry khajur is called Chhuhara.

Distribution of Dates

Distribution of Palm Dates

More than 5000 years old date palms have been cultivated. Khajur is a standard crop of world agriculture. It is widely grown in the region of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Spain, Italy, China, and the U.S.A.

Different Names of Dates

Sanskrit Name: Kharjur

Hindi Name: Khajoor, Khajur, Pind Khajoor, Chhuhara

Botanical Name: Phoenix Sylvestris, Phoenix Dactylifera

Gujarati Name: Kharek

Bengali Name: Khejur, Chhohara

Marathi Name: Shindhi, Khajoor

English Name: Date Palm, Wild Palm, Palm Tree

Arabic Name: Rutab

Tamil Name: Ichan, Citrichu, Iicham, Inju Carchu

Malayalam Name: Eethapalm

Kannada Name: Eanchalu mara, Kajjuri

Persian Name: Khurma

Telugu Name: Pedayita, Eeshan Chedi, Eetta, Etha

Manipur Name: Thangtup

Types of Dates

According to the Ayurveda, Palm Dates are of three types. Small fruit is called Kahjoor and contains less amount of fiber. Big and full of fiber fruit is called Pind Khajur.

After drying in the sunlight, Pind Khajur becomes dry date i.e. Chhuhara. The dry khajur chhuhara lies in the category of dry fruits. After drying Chhuhara becomes hot in potency. Otherwise, the potency of fresh khajur fruit is cool. Pind Khajur or Chhuhara is widely spread or available all over the world very easily. The Pind Khajoor is cultivated in the region of Punjab, Sindh and Arab, Syria Countries.

Nutritional Value of Dates

The dates are very popular and delicious fruit. Palm dates have great nutritional value. The dates are a great source of minerals, Sugars, and vitamins.

They offer natural sugar in the form of Glucose and Sucrose. Sugar is ready for immediate absorption and infinitely superior to the cane sugar. The sugar prepared from sugar cane i.e. White crystallize sugar is poisonous for our health. But the sugar prepared from the khajoor is very beneficial for our health.

Nutritional Facts of Dates

Moisture – 15.3 %       Calcium – 120 mg

Protein – 2.5 %            Phosphorous – 50 mg

Fat       – 0.4 %             Iron         – 7.3 mg

Minerals – 2.1 %         Vitamin C – 3 mg

Fiber – 3.9 %               Vitamin B Complex – 1 mg

Carbohydrates – 75.8 %

Khajoor is taken as raw or with milk. It makes slightly nutritious for our health. Taking it with curdled milk is also common.

In Sahara desert, rich people take khajoor with butter by removing the seed and filling the cavity with butter. Khajur is a way of taking fat. The seeds of the fruit are roasted and ground into powder. This powder is used to make a beverage like coffee, called ‘Date Coffee”.

The date palm yields a sweet juice or high food value. The juice is allowed to ferment and ready into alcohol.

Qualities of Dates

In the Bhavprakash Nigantu in Ayurveda well said about the use of Dates as

“Khajuritri Tayam Shitam Madhuram Ras Pakayoh

Singhdham Ruchikaram Haridayam Kashat Kashayharam Guru

Tarpanam Raktpitt Danam Pushti Vishtambh Shukrdam

Koshth Marut Haridyalam Vati Vat Kapha Paham

Javara Atisar Kshutshana Kas Swas Nivarkam

Mad Murcha Maruti Pitt Magodh Bhoot Mdaant Krit”

The three types of dates have Cooling effect, sweet juice, Pleasurable, Slim in nature, heavy, Satisfied and loving fruit with a sweet taste. The dates give strength and immunity to our body.

Khajoor gives benefit to the various health problems like Raktpitt, Diarrhea, wounds, Vomiting, fever, loss of appetite, cough, asthma, heart diseases, nervous system, back pain and balances the vata and kapha dosha.

Benefits of Dates as an Ayurvedic Balanced Diet

Dates are valuable as Ayurvedic medicine for their good effects. It is easily digested. Khajoor provides energy to your body and repair waste. If clean and fresh dates are boiled. They prove very nourishing It is served as a restorative drink for children and adults, especially during convalescence.

1.      Strength and Immune System

Fresh Fruit Khajoor


Chhuhara (Dried dates) without seed 240 gm, Pine nut (Chilgoza) 60 gm, Almonds nut 60 gm, roasted black gram 240 gm, desi cow’s ghee or clarified butter 500 gm, Milk of desi cow 2 liters and sugar 500 gm.

Boil and soak the dried khajur into the cow’s milk until they become fluffy or full of milk. Now take out dried khajoor, grind them with your hands and make a paste. Now take this paste, mix it with milk, make a liquid and boil it on medium flame.

Roast the Sujji or semolina into the desi ghee or clarified butter. Take the black gram and make a powder of it and take some amount of mawa i.e. khoa. Mix all these ingredients. Roast all these ingredients until it becomes light red. And now mix the sugar in it. Also, mix other ingredients in it.


Consume this 50 gm mixture every day with the cow’s milk.  You get relief from any type of weakness in your body. This mixture provides strength to your body and makes the immune system strong. This mixture is very popular. It nourishes ayurvedic balanced diet in the winter.

2.      Bed Wetting

Some children have suffered from the problem of bed wetting. To cure the condition you can eat the 2 pieces of Chhuhara or dried dates regularly for 3 weeks.

In old age, the urine comes again and again. In the night consume the milk of dried khajur daily. You can eat two dried khajoor daily to control the urine problems. Not eat more than 2 pieces of dried khajoor. Because its potency is hot and can fill the body with hotness.

3.      Low Blood Pressure

Take the 5 majors and wash it with lukewarm water. Take out the seeds from the dates. Khajoor without seed boil into the cow’s milk.

Consume this boiled milk morning and evening regularly. In some days you feel the change in the low blood pressure.

4.      Eyes Disorders

Take out the seed of dates. And make a powder of the seeds of these dates. Make the bhasm or ash of seeds of dates by roasting the powder of seeds. Put this bhasm into the eyes just like Surma or Kajjal in your eyes.

You can also take the ash of seeds of dates. And mix it with water. Make a paste. Apply this paste on the eyelashes of your eyes. By doing this the hair of eyelashes that fall will come again.

5.      Constipation

Dried Khajoor (Chuhhara)

The palm dates are laxative food. Take the three dried khajoor and cut into the small pieces. Now chew these small pieces with lukewarm water. The problem of constipation gets solved.

If you eat the dried dates. They balance the blood circulation and helps in hemorrhoids or piles in hemorrhoids. They also help in overcoming the weakness of your digestive system.

By taking the smoke of powder of the seeds of khajoor. You feel relief from the pain and piles in hemorrhoids.

6.      Back Pain

Eat the dried dates daily or consume the boiled milk in which chhuhara is soaked daily. You will feel relax from the back pain in some days.

If you eat the dried dates or consume milk boiled with chuhara. They will also help in the menstrual pain and balances the cycle in women.

7.      Weakness in Bones and Rot of Teeth

Calcium finds in excess quantity in the dried dates or in dates. Eat the chhuhara first. Then consume the lukewarm milk with it. They will provide calcium to your bones and teeth. Dried dates cure the weakness in bones and rots in teeth.

8.      For Cold, Cough, and Fever

If you will suffer from the cold, cough and fever again and again. In the winter, you have the problem of cold, cough and fever. You will take dates 2 days after the cold and cough start.

Take the pind khajur and soaked into the milk. Take the 4 black pepper and big cardamom. Make the powder of these two ingredients.

Clarified Butter

Now mix this powder to the soaked milk and boil it for 15 minutes. Put the one teaspoon of desi ghee or clarified butter into the boiled milk. Consume this milk you can get relief from the cold, cough and fever.

9.      Acidity

Chew the two dates and after this consume the milk regularly. You will feel relax from the acidity problems and tiredness of your body.

10.  Old Wounds

Take the seeds of dates and make the powder of them. Now roast this powder to make ash. Apply this ash on your old wounds or wounds you will feel relax.

11.  Intestinal Disorders

The nicotinic content in the khajoor is an excellent natural remedy for intestinal disturbances. Regular use of khajur keeps in check the growth of intestinal or pathological organisms. And helps to grow the good bacteria for your intestine.

12.  Intoxication


Dates are an excellent super remedy for alcoholic intoxication. In this case, drinking water in which fresh dates have been rubbed or soaked will bring quick relief form alcoholic intoxication.

13.  For Anaemia

Soak the dried khajur overnight in the milk. And rubbed these dates with your hands. Consume this milk for 3 months regularly. It will help in the making of red blood cells and prevents anemia.

14.  Weak Heart

Dates are an effective Ayurvedic medicine for a weak heart. Dates soaked overnight in water. And crushed in the same water during the morning time. Now take the dates after removing the seeds at least twice a week. They will strengthen your heart.

15.  Sexual Debility

Khajoor is highly beneficial in the treatment of sexual debility. Soaked the khajur into the cow’s milk overnight. And ground in the same milk in the morning.

Mix a pinch of cardamom powder and honey in this preparation. It is a useful natural remedy for improving sexual debility.

16.  For Infants

Tie a khajoor to the wrist of the baby. It should be sucked by him during teething time. Palm Dates will harden the gums. They prevent other complaints like fretfulness and diarrhea.

A teaspoon of a paste of khajur prepared. And mix it with honey is a useful ayurvedic medicine for diarrhea and dysentery during teething. It should be given thrice a day to the infants or children.

17.  Diabetes

The diabetic patient does not consume or use sugar very easily. So, in this condition, you can eat fresh khajur very easily.

Because dates have a sufficient amount of sugar in it. They give strength to your body. And maintains the level of sugar in your body.

18.  Pickle of Dates

Pickle of Khajoor

In your homes, there is the presence of various types of a pickle. People love the pickle. You can also make the pickle of khajoor at home. The pickle of khajur is effective for the digestive system. And for the taste of your mouth.


Dried Dates (Chhuhara) 1 kg

Juice of Lemon  3 kg

Jayphal 10 gm

Javitri 10 gm

Tej Patta 20 gm

Black pepper or Kali Mirch 30 gm

Big Cardamom or Badi Elaichi Seeds 30 gm

Safed Jeera or White Cumin 60 gm

Black Cumin 60 gm

Saunf or Fennel 90 gm

Black Salt 320 gm

Take the glass pot. Mix Salt, dried dates and lemon juice in a pot. And dry in the sunlight for five days. When the dried khajoor becomes soft and seeds expel out.

Now take the remained ingredients. Make a powder of all the above said remained ingredients and sieve it. Fill this mixture into the dried khajoor. And mix the remained lemon juice in it.

Close the glass pot and dry in the sunlight for 15 days. After 15 days pickle is ready. It is very useful for your digestive system and stomach related problems.

19.  For Weight Loss

For the weight loss, you can take the dried khajur and medho har guggal. Mix these two ingredients and use this mixture. It will show the results.

You can also take palm dates with the Triphala powder for weight loss. You will see results in one year.

20.  Precautions

The dates must be selected with great care. Dust and impurities of the air settle on the sticky surface of the dates. So, it is advised to buy the best variety of palm dates in good packing conditions. And wash them thoroughly before use. Dates make the red blood cells in the body. They provide strength to your heart and stomach system. Khajur helps in weight loss. And helps in improving the power of your body.

Palm dates are also helpful for diabetic patients and improve the nervous system. If you consume the soaked milk with dried dates regularly. They will help to gain weight. And make your body powerful.

Note: If you eat fresh fruit of dates. You can eat 4-5 dates in a day. Because its potency is cool. But if you eat the dried dates then eat them carefully as its potency is hot. Take 2-3 dates daily. And please be careful in the case of pregnancy.

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