What is a Cough? What are the Types, Cause, and Symptoms of a Cough? What are the Ayurvedic Remedies and Treatments of a Cough at Home?

What is a Cough? What are the Types, Cause, and Symptoms of a Cough? What are the Ayurvedic Remedies and Treatments of a Cough at Home?

A cough is a reflex action that clears the throat and breathing passage of mucus, microbes, irritants, fluids, foreign irritants such as dust and smoke.

dry cough is tickly and doesn’t produce any phlegm (thick mucus). During a chesty cough, phlegm is produced that helps to clear your airways.

A cough that lasts at least for three weeks is called an acute cough.

When a cough lasts for three to eight weeks. But improves at the end of the period. It is known as a subacute cough.

A persistent cough lasts for more than eight weeks is called a chronic cough.

Mostly cough will improve within two weeks. But if you have cough up blood or has a cough that hasn’t improved after a few weeks. It may be serious and you should consult a doctor.


  • What Cause a Cough?
  • Symptoms of a Cough
  • Ayurvedic Remedies and Treatments of a Cough

a) What causes a cough?

A cough can be caused by several conditions. These conditions may be temporary and permanent[1]. They are as follows:

1.     Clearing the Throat

A cough is a way of clearing the throat. When your airways are clogged with mucus or foreign particles such as smoke or dust. It clears the particles and makes breathing easier.

2.     Viruses and Bacteria

The common cause of a cough is a respiratory tract infection such as a cold or flu. Respiratory tract infections are generally caused by a virus. It may last from a few days to a week. Infections caused by the flu may take a longer time to clear up. And sometimes it requires antibiotics.

3.     Smoking

Smoking is another cause of cough. A cough caused by smoking is almost a chronic cough with a distinctive sound. It is often known as “smoker’s cough”.

4.     Asthma

Cough by asthma

The main cause of cough in children is asthma. It involves wheezing. Asthma patients should receive treatment using an inhaler. It’s possible for children to grow out of asthma as they get older and older.

b) Symptoms of a Cough

A cough is the sign of an illness. It has symptoms of certain diseases of the lung, heart, stomach and nervous system. Some of the following symptoms that commonly occur with a cough are:

  • Shortness of Breath
  • Easy Fatigability
  • Wheezing or a Whistling Breathing
  • Runny Nose
  • Sore Throat
  • Heartburn
  • Weight Loss
  • Fever and Chills
  • Night Sweats
  • Coughing When Swallowing

c) Ayurvedic Remedies and Treatments of a Cough at Home

There are tremendous Ayurvedic Remedies of a Cough. But here we have discussed the Treatments that you can apply easily by yourself. All you have to do is read on….

1.     Desi Paan and Mulethi

Desi Pan for Cough

Take the leaves of desi paan and fill it with the 2 gm of mulethi (liquorice) powder. Now chew this leaf. With the juice of leaf and mulethi, the problem of cough will cure.

2.     Juice of Tulsi and Ginger

Take ginger juice 5 gm, honey 3 gm, black pepper 1 gm, and juice of Tulsi leaves 3 gm. Now mix all these ingredients. And take this mixture with lukewarm water.

3.     Garlic and PomeGranate

Take the juice of pomegranate and add 25 drops of garlic cloves juice in it. Take this mixture to cure your cough.

4.     Use of Ginger and Rock Salt

Boil the one cup of water with tea, ginger, a pinch of rock salt and half lemon. It is the best method to cure cough problems.

5.     Use of Chayawanprash

Take one teaspoon full of chayawanprash with milk during night-time. It will help to cure the problems of cough and cold.

6.     Dried Ginger and Jaggery

dry ginger for cough and cold

Take the dried ginger powder and jaggery. Boil it till the mixture remains 1/4th. Now take this mixture 3 times a day. It is also a good method for cold and cough. It will give you immediate relief from cold and cough.

7.     Sugarcane Juice for Dry Cough

Sugarcane juice is the best medicine for dry cough.

8.     Cloves for whooping-cough

Take the cloves, roast them and powder the cloves. Now mix this powder with honey and take this mixture two times a day. It is the best method to cure whooping-cough (Kali Khansi).

9.     Use of Potash Alum

Take the pinch of potash alum and boil it with the water. It will relieve the whooping-cough. You can also gargle with this water.

10. Chest Problems in Children

Take pure coconut oil without any smell or fragrance. Now give this 1 gm oil to the one-year-old child daily. It will help in the chest related problems.

11. Whooping Cough

Soak 5 almonds in the water during night-time and peel the almonds in the morning. Now mix some sugar and one clove of garlic in it. Grind all these ingredients. Within 2-3 days whooping-cough will cure.

12. Use of Pomegranate and Jaggery

Pomegranate and Jaggery for cough

Take black pepper 10 tola (1 tola = 12 gm), magha 20 tola, pomegranate rind 4 tola, jaggery 8 tola, and jau Khar ½ tola. Grind all ingredients and make tablets. Take this tablet regularly. This medicine is helpful in that cough which is not cured by other medicines.

13. Baheda and Magha

Take powder of Baheda (Bhabhitaki) and magha. Mix this powder with honey. Take this mixture for cough related problems.

14. Cough and Asthma

Make the powder of all these ingredients. Take Kakda singhi, dried ginger (Saunth), Black pepper, magha, pohkarmool (Inula racemose, pushkarmool and elecampane, Kashmira), harad, Baheda, Amla, Kateri (Febrifuge plant), bharangi, and five salts (Sanchar Namak, Black salt, Rock salt, Beed namak (Vida lavna), and Samundar namak). Take this powder with lukewarm water. And it is helpful in the cough and asthma problems.

15. Decoction of Kateri

Take the decoction of Kateri (Febrifuge plant). Mix it with the powder of magha. Now take this mixture. You will get immediate relief from cough.

16. Cough and Chest Problems

Take harad, Saunth, Nagarmotha (Nutgrass Cyperus rotundus) and jaggery. Now make the small tablets of this mixture. Take this tablet one time daily. It is helpful in the cough and chest related problems.

17. Mansil for all Cough related Problems

Take mansil (Realgar, red orpiment) and grind it with water. Now apply this paste on the leaves of ber or berry (Indian Jujube) and dry these leaves in the sunlight. Take the smoke of this leaves by putting it on the fire in Chilam (Pipe by which the smoke of tobacco inhales). This herbal medicine is best for all types of cough.

18. Nisoth and Roots of Dhattura

Use of Magha for Smoke

Take Nisoth (Operculina turpethum or Indian Jalap), roots of Dhattura (Thorn apple or Datura fastuosa), trikutta (Saunth, magha and kali mirch) and mansil. Now, grind all these ingredients and apply the paste on the cloth. Dry it in the sunlight. Take the smoke of this medicine by putting it on the chilam. You can get relief within 3 days from the cough problems by this ayurvedic medicine.

19. Babhitaki Fruit (Baheda)

Suck the skin of babhitaki fruit (Baheda) only. It helps to cure-all types of cough and asthma problems.

20. Khairsar and Cutch Tree

Take Khairsar (Khadira acacia, Cutch tree) 10 gm, dried leaves of adosa (Bansa) 20 gm, kali magha or pippal and trikuta 30 gm. Now grind all these ingredients. Make a powder from them and take this powder with honey.

21. Cough in Fever

Take the same amount of all these ingredients and grind them i.e. magha (Pippal), pippalki mool (Long pepper root), Indirajau, Pit Papda (Parpataka) and saunth. Now take 3-4 gm of this powder with honey. You will get relief from the cough in fever.

22. Kapha Dosha

Take the same amount of all these ingredients. And make powder of Pohkarmool, trikutta, saunth, kali mirch (black pepper), magha, kakda singhi (Rhus Succedanea), Kayaphal (Katphala, Box myrtle) and Javasa (Alhagi camelorum, Yvasa) and Kalonji (Nigella seeds). Take this mixture with honey to cure the cough and kapha dosha related problems.

23. Giloy, Saunth, and Magha

Take the satva of giloy 2 gm, saunth, kali mirch, and magha. Make the powder of all these medicines. Now take this powder with honey. You can get relief from all types of cough and asthma-related problems.

24. Flax Seeds (Alsi)

Flax Seeds for Blockage of Chest

If the problem of blockage of the chest with phlegm and inflammation of lungs persists. Then take the seeds of alsi (flaxseed). Make powder of these seeds and roast it on the pan and foment (Sekna) your chest with this roasted powder. It will definitely help in the inflammation of the lungs and blockage of the chest.

25. Milk Cream and Mishri

If the problem of dry cough persists. Then take the milk cream (malai) with mishri in the night-time. This will melt the phlegm of the chest.

26. Use of Indrayan

Take the chal or bark of indrayan. And inhale the smoke of this bark by putting it on chilam. Due to this, the phlegm becomes in melted form and Vomit will come. It will clear all the throat and chest blockage problems.

27. Use of Adosa

Take the leaves of adosa and boil them in water. When the 1/4th part remains. The decoction is prepared. Take this decoction by mixing the honey in it.

28. Ash of Adosa Leaves

You can also prepare the ash of leaves of adosa. Take the earthen pot, put these leaves in the pot. And burn the leaves by putting the earthen pot on the fire. Now take this ash with honey. You will definitely get relief from the cough related problems immediately.

We have discussed several Ayurvedic Remedies and Treatments of a Cough here. But when you want to apply a remedy to cure your health problems. Consult an Ayurvedic Doctor first.


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