15 Amazing Benefits of the Cow’s Milk and Yogurt as an Ayurvedic Medicine

15 Amazing Benefits of the Cow’s Milk and Yogurt as an Ayurvedic Medicine

The cow is not a mere animal for Hindus. They consider Cow as an abode of 33 crore Hindu Deities. Hence Cow is considered as sacred and sanctified in Hindu Dharma. The cow has been treated as a symbol of compassion and piousness. The belief is that one can attain salvation (Moksha) by worshipping and serving the cow. Cow brings well-being and purity in the house. She is a source of wealth and prosperity. Lord Krishna had led the Cow worship and preservation. Shri Vishṇu incarnated in Dwāpāryug as Shrī Krishṇa and teach us how to look after cows.


  • Panchagavya as a Divine Medicine
  • Nutritional value of Cow’s Milk
  • Benefits of Cow’s Milk
  • Benefits of Cow’s Curd
  • Effect of Colour of Cow on Milk
  • Cow’s Milk Becomes Never Impure

A cow is an ideal animal in Deity Brahma’s creation. According to spiritual science, the four Purushārthas namely Dharma, Artha, Kāma, and Moksha can be acquired by serving the cow. While praising the cow, the principal Deities, namely, Bramha, Vishṇu, and Shiva have narrated the following shloka:

Tvam Mata Sarav Devanam Tvam Ch Yagyasya Karnam

Tvam Tirth Sarav Tirthana Namastetu Sdande

It means

O Destroyer of sins! You are the mother of all Deities. You are the reason for the sacrificial fire. Among all Holy places (Tirthas) you are the holiest. I pay my obeisance to you.

Panchagavya as a Divine medicine

Panchagavya as a divine medicine

There is tremendous power in cow’s milk, ghee and Panchagavya (A mixture of cow’s milk, curd, ghee, cow’s urine and, cow dung). If you consume these you become so powerful. You will able to defeat the powerful demons who fed on meat.

  1. Gomay(cow dung): It absorbs the harmful rays.
  2. Gomutra: It has healing power.
  3. Milk: It is easy to digest. It is used in place for mother’s milk. It consists of less fat.
  4. Yogurt: It destroys Vāta Dosha. It increases strength.
  5. Grit (Ghee): It is useful for eyes and wounds.

It is said

 Gavyam pavitram ch rasyanm ch pathyam ch hrithyam bal buddhi yukt syat

Ayu Pratham rakt vikar hari tridosh hri dyog visha pahm syat

It means Panchagavya consists of five elements like Cow’s urine, milk, curd, ghee, and dung. Panchagavya is extremely pure medicine. It is healthy when included in the diet It gives joy to the heart, increases life span, strength and intellectual ability. Panchagavya is the destroyer of the three doshās vata, pita, and kapha. It also destroys all the impurities and disorders of the blood. It can cure cardiac disorders. All physical, mental and psychological problems can overcome with the use of Panchagavya.

Due to consumption of Panchagavya, one becomes free from all the sins related to the body. A person has control over his mind. And he becomes eligible for acquiring knowledge. Therefore, it is said that consumption of Panchagavya is very important.

Nutritional Value of Cow’s Milk

  • Its milk has 4 % carbohydrates, minerals 0.7%, calories 6.5%, water 87.3%, proteins 4% and fat 4%. It is light in weight and easily digested.
  • In cow’s milk, Vitamin A, B, C, D, E are present and helps in strengthening the body. Its milk is nutrient-rich. It is helpful for every age type of
  • It will increase all seven types of metal in the body. The milk of cow has the more Vitamin A than other animals milk.
  • Its milk has Strontian metal that prevents from the rays of the atoms.
  • Milk of cow has seribrohydrates that helps to increase the intellectual power. It is beneficial for the Pitta Dosha.
  • Milk of cow is also best and helpful for the acidity, ulcer, stomach related problems. It is also beneficial for the dialysis

Benefits of Cow’s Milk

  1. A panacea for All Diseases

The hump of the cow has a pulse named Surya Ketu. The Surya Ketu pulse becomes active in the sun rays. Due to which cow likes to stay under the sun rays.

When the Surya Ketu pulse activates. It relieves the element of gold color. And it makes the color of cow’s milk yellow. The clarified butter (Desi Ghee) of the cow is also golden in color. It acts as an antidote and the panacea for all diseases. Cow’s milk has gold elements that are only present in the milk of the mother only.

  1. Drug Addiction

The cow’s milk has special Ayurvedic medicinal properties. The lassi made from cow’s milk is helpful for the person who is addicted to drugs like Ganja, Charas, Tobacco, Chilam, wine, heroin, smack, etc. Cow’s milk lassi not only lessens the effects of drugs. But also helps in decreasing the want of taking a drug.

  1. Tuberculosis (TB)

If you give a Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) with grass or with atta peda to the cow. After eating that or atta peda. The cow’s milk will contain benefits of Shatavari. Consume this milk daily will help to cure tuberculosis.

  1. Malaria

Milk of Cow for Malaria

Take 400 gm of cow’s milk. Boil it and stir with the green branch stick of Aak or Akra (Calotropis gigantea). After stirring it with the aak stick, the curdling of milk occurs. When the water separates from the curdling milk and milk becomes in thick form. Khoya (Mava) will prepare. Then add shakkar or sugar to the mava. Give this mava to the malaria patient. It will relieve from malaria.

You can also take 5 kishmish and 5 munakka and boil them in cow’s milk. Give this milk to the malaria patient during the morning time.

If the malaria problem is too old then add the 10 gm of saunth powder (Dried Ginger) in the boiled milk above said.

  1. Cholesterol

The cow’s milk helps in regulating the cholesterol level in the human body. It circulates blood in the heart and blood vessels. It will cure shrinkage in blood vessels and blockage of the heart.

  1. Cancer

The cow’s milk has MDGI (Mammary-derived growth inhibitor) protein which saves the cells of the human body from cancer. This MDGI protein act as an inhibitor for cancer cells. It doesn’t promote cancer cells.

If you take cow’s ghee with the cow’s milk. It will help in reducing cancer-like problems. If you eat halwa made from cow’s ghee. It will help to cure cancer.

  1. Diarrhea

If the food does not digest to the person. Then you can give the milk of cow by boiling it with 21 Kishmish. Eat the kishmish and take the boiled milk by adding honey in it.

If there is a season of mangoes, then take aam ras of mangoes by avoiding sugar in it. During diarrhea take a light meal. In the eleven days, diarrhea will be cured.

  1. Anti-aging

Use of milk as an anti aging

The cow’s milk also has anti-aging properties. Take the cow’s milk with honey and cow’s ghee that grazes in the forest areas. It will act as an anti-aging.

  1. Eyes Disorders

If there is a pain in the eyes or become red. Then take the cow’s milk and soak the cotton ball in it. Put this cotton ball on the eyes. This will give coolness to the eyes. And relieves from the pain, burning, and redness of eyes.

  1. Eyes Flu

If the person suffers from the eyes flu. Then take the milk of Calotropis (Aak). And use that milk on the nails of the foot. You will get the relief from the eyes flu. Beware from the milk of aak. It is poisonous to other body parts like eyes, mouth, etc.

Benefits of Cow’s Yogurt

The curd made from cow’s milk considers as best yogurt. Because its milk has 33 types of elements that are beneficial for the human body. Its milk has carotene protein, calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, chlorine, and iron, etc. elements. These elements are essential for human growth.

  1. Balances Tridosha

“Gavayam Duduyu Tamm Baliyam Pake Svadhu Ruchi Pradam Pavitr Deepanam Sin ratham Pushti Krit Pavanaham Ukhatam Dadnam Sheshanam Madhaya Gavam Gunah Dhikam”

It means the curd made from cow’s milk is in vigor, digestive, tasty,  pure. It balances the tridosha Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

  1. Stomach Disorders

use of curd for stomach disorders

Take 20 gm yogurt made from cow’s milk after meal daily. It helps to cure gastric troubles, lack of appetite, constipation, Diarrhea. The buttermilk is best for stomach disorders.

Take buttermilk by adding some rock salt, black pepper (kali mirch), roasted cumin seeds powder, and black salt. Consume this daily after lunch. You will get relief from stomach related problems immediately.

  1. Leprosy

The milk and yogurt of a cow are best and nutrient-rich. It helps to relieve the raktpit (Leprosy). Because yogurt provides coolness to the body.

Effect of the Color of a Cow on Milk

The milk of a black cow is beneficial as it balances the Vata Dosha. Yellow cow’s milk balances the Vata and Pitta Dosha. White cow’s milk balances Kapha Dosha. The milk of red and chit kabri cow balances the Vata Dosha.

As Said

“Gau Kshiram Jeevanam Balayam Rakt Pita Nila Pattam

Ayusham Pon Satav Kritaythayam Mehgyam Vrishyam Rasayanam”

It means

But the milk of a black cow is considered as best. It balances the tri Dosha and strengthens the human body. A cow has the power of a goddess. Due to which its milk has virtuous powers. The milk of cow helps in digestion of food because it is light in weight.

Cow’s Milk Becomes Never Impure

When the calf drinks the milk of the mother cow. The milk does not impure. As Moon stores nectar and then showers it. Similarly, Rohini cows give us milk produced from nectar. Just as air, fire, gold, and nectar (Drunk by Gods) become never impure. Same as the white foam drops from the calf’s mouth while drinking cow’s milk is not considered as impure.


  1. Whenever you use the milk of a cow. Take the desi cow’s milk only. The identification of the desi cow is that hump on the cow’s spine which has the Surya Ketu Pulse in it.
  2. Use the milk of cow after straining it. Because it has hair of cow that will cause tuberculosis or asthma problems.

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