How to feel refresh in summer days? Stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle!

How to feel refresh in summer days? Stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle!

The process of nature is organized in such a way that in every season and according to the season, the seasonal fruits, flowers, Vegetables, etc. are available. The consuming of seasonal fruits and vegetables are necessary for the immune system and strength of your body.

During the Summer days, we get tired easily. Due to which we are unable to work. The hot winds and heat of the sun extract all the energy from your body. If we take water in adequate amount during the summer time. Then we can save ourselves from several health problems.

The human body contains 70 % of water. If you feel thirsty then it means that 1% of water decreases in your body. So drink an adequate amount of water to save yourself from diseases like dehydration, skin diseases, deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

The necessity of water depends upon the temperature of climate, humidity, and sweating. To fulfill the deficiency of water in your body you should drink water regularly. Deficiency of water has several effects on your body parts and your health.

Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables

Lack of fluid and sodium in your body can be attained by eating fruits and vegetables that contain a sufficient amount of water. Here we unveiled the benefits and qualities of various fruits of the summer season.

  1. Watermelon (Tarbooj)

“Kalindham Prahi Drik Shukar Harchi Talam Guru

Pakvantu Soshnam Saksharam Pitalam Kaph-vatjit”

Watermelon has an oval shape, larger in size, green in color from outside and red in color from inside. Watermelon is one of the sweet and juicy fruits. It is available all over India. Its potency is cool. It balances the tri-doshas Vata, Kapha and Pitta Dosha.

Different Names of Watermelon

Sanskrit – Kalindh

Hindi     – Tarbooj

Marathi – Kalingadh

Gujarati – Kalingdhu

Bengali  – Tarmooj

Kannada – Kode

Telugu   – Tarboojam

Persian – Hindwana

English – Watermelon

Latin   – Citrulus vulgaris

Health Benefits of Watermelon

watermelon fruits

Tarbooj contains 92% of the water in it. Due to which it saves us from dehydration. Watermelon also has carcinogenic name compound lycopene that helps to prevent cancer. You can eat tarbooj in a small amount. Don’t eat an excess of tarbooj.

The skin of watermelon can be used to make a vegetable. You can also make vegetable by drying the skin of watermelon in sunlight. By eating watermelon you will feel refresh. It helps to decrease dryness and provides a calmness to your mind and body.

Tarbooj also helps to remove the warmness of your stomach and also quenches your thirst. The seeds of watermelon are sweet, diuretic, invigorating, appetizer and nutritious food. The seeds of tarbooj provide calmness, cure dryness in the brain and strengthen your mind.

Take the juice of a ripe watermelon. Mix sugar in it and drink this juice. It will help to balance Pitta dosha, cure acidity, vomitings, and headache during the summer days.

  1. Melon (Kharbuja)

“Kharbujam Mutralam Balyam Kosth Shudikaram Guru

Sandhi Swadutram Shitam Vrishayam Pittanila Paham”

Melon is grown in the sandy area on the banks of the river. Kharbuja has thick lines on the outer surface. In Sanskrit language, it is called Dasha ungal. The pulp of the melon has a sweet taste and yellow-red in color. Due to the ripeness of kharbuja, it has fragrance and becomes very tasty.

Different Names of Melon

Hindi – Kharbuja

Gujrati – Kharbuja

Sanskrit – Kharbuj

Bengali – Kharbuja

Persian – Kharbuja

English – Melon

Latin – Cucumis melo

Marathi – Kharbuj

Kharbuja cures burning sensation in urine and other urinary problems, stomach related problems, provides strength,  balances the Vata and Pitta dosha, provides calmness to your body.

Benefits of Melon

Melon Fruits with mint

The ripen melon is more beneficial then unripe melon. Before eating you can put the Kharbuja in the cold water. You can’t eat the type of melon which has Sweet, sour, tasteless, unripe and bitter taste.

Not to eat kharbuja with an empty stomach. Only eat after the two hours of food in the afternoon time.

If you eat the kharbuja then it purifies urine. It helps in the removal of the stone by melting it. Melon calms the warmness of your stomach and cures dysentery. Take the skin of the melon, crush it, make a paste and apply on your wrinkled face. Then it cures the wrinkles of your face.

If you apply the paste of the seeds of melon on your face, it clears the skin of your face. To cure the dark circles and wrinkles under your eyes area. You can apply a paste of the seeds of kharbuja.

Ayurvedic Medicine For Gonorrhea

Take the giri (mingi) of musk melon seeds and make a paste of it by mixing water in it. During summer days and cholera problem don’t take excess amount of this medicine. It will help to cure the gonorrhea problem. The person who feels excess hotness in the summer season should not take this medicine. Because it will harm your eyes, stomach, and intestines.

  1. Narangi (Orange)

“Narango Madhura Malam Shayadro Channo Vat Nashne

Aparam Tav Mal Tushnam Durjaram Vat Harit Saram”

Narangi has a sour and sweet taste. Orange helps to increase appetite and pacify the Vata Dosha. Small narangi has hot potency and not digested easily. Narangi variety grown in Nagpur and Sil hut is famous all over the world.

Narangi is of two types – one is with large size have yellow skin and sweet in taste. The second one is with small size and sour in taste.

Different Names of Narangi

Sanskrit : Narang

Hindi     : Narangi, Santra

Marathi  : Santre

Gujarati  : Narangi

Bengali   : Kamlalevu

Kannada : Madhavla

Tamil      : Narangam

Persian    : Naranj

English    : Orange

Latin        : Citrus aurantium

Uses of Narangi

Orange sweet in taste quenches the thirst, removes dryness. Narangi provides calmness to the hotness of the body. The juice of narangi treats the pyorrhoea disease. Orange hardens the teeth and gums, stimulates the digestion power, cures vomiting and pacifies the Pitta Dosha.

A patient suffering from can take the juice of an orange. If the juice and sherbet of orange are given to the pregnant women it cures the vomiting, Pitta dosha, and anxiety.

If the peel of narangi is rubbed on the ringworm area, it will cure the ringworms immediately. It contains vitamin C and to cure the deficiency of vitamin C eat this fruit regularly. Orange is helpful for diabetic patients, provides strength to the bones.

  1. Cucumber

cucumber vegetable

“Tarpusam Laghu Nilam Cham Lavam Tritkal Madhajit

Swadhu Pita Paham Shitam Raktpit Haram Param”

The cucumber that is small and long in size is sweet in taste, has cooling nature and quenches the thirst. Cucumber cures acidity pacifies Pitta dosha and cures the rakt Pitt disease.

The cucumber which is big and short in size is sour, bitter in taste, has hot potency, pacifies the kapha and vata dosha.

Different Names of Cucumber

Sanskrit  : Tarpus

Hindi      : Kheera, Kakdi

Marathi   : Kaakdi, Tose

Gujarati  : Tasli

Bengali   : Sansha, Ksheera

Kannad   : Tasekai

Telugu    : Doskai

Tamil      : Mulu valeri

Persian  : Shiar Khurd

English  : Cucumber

Latin      : Cucumis sativus

Uses of Cucumber

Long, thin, hairy and soft, raw cucumber is very useful. Cucumber comes in the fruits category. On the other hand, large, thick and riped cucumber comes in the vegetable category. In the Sanskrit Language, it is called Karkati, in the English language, it is called Snake Cucumber and in Latin Cucumis Utilissimus.

Thin, long and soft cucumber i.e. kakdi uses as a salad. But the large, thick and riped cucumber seeds are useful to cure the urine problems, have cool potency, removes dryness and pacify Pitta Dosha.

Thandai From Seeds of Fruits

You can take the seeds of melon and watermelon along with the seeds of cucumber. In  thandai the giri or mingi will be used of these fruits in the form of magaz. Because of these three seeds provides coolness, nourishes, and calmness to your body and mind.

Take the juice of kakdi and apply to the hairs for 15 minutes then wash your hair. It will reduce the hair fall problem and provides strength to your hair.

You can use cucumber as a snack, salad, and Raita in curd. During summer days the use of cucumber is most beneficial for your health. It contains 96.7% of water, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin K. Take the curd without fat, mint (Dried Pudina) and mix the cucumber in it. Eat regularly for summer days it will refresh your body.

  1. Lettuce

In summer you can also eat the lettuce by adding it into your routine life. You can use lettuce in the form of salad with other green leafy vegetables and with sandwiches. It contains 95.6% of water.

  1. Tomato

Tomato has 94.5% of water and it can be used as a salad and in the soup. It has lycopene named antioxidant which is beneficial for the skin.

  1. Strawberries

Strawberries have 91% of water as compared to the blueberry and raspberry which contains 85% of water. You can eat strawberries by mixing in the curd. It has also carbohydrates, fiber, and protein in sufficient amount.

  1. Broccoli

Brocolli has fiber, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C and 90.7% of the water in sufficient amount. It contains Sulfo refine named compound which helps to increase the rate of protective enzymes in the body. That enzymes control the making of cancer-producing cells.

  1. Spinach

Spinach has fiber, potassium, Folate, 15% of Vitamin E and 91.4% of water. it is used as a salad, in sandwiches, soup and prepare a vegetable from it.

  1. Root Vegetables

Raddish, Carrot, Beetroot have 95% of water. You can use the root vegetables in the form of salad, vegetable, etc. By eating the root vegetables the number of water balances and also cures the stomach related problems.

How to Use Water in Summer Days

summer drinks


  1. Cold Water

During summer days we get dehydrated very quickly. Due to which the energy level also get down. So drink the mud pot cold water, fruit juices, and drink sattu, etc. By doing this you feel fresh and your body full of energy.

  1. Face Wash

Wash your face with cold water so that your dull face becomes fresh. Due to the sweat, the pimples start appearing on your face. If you are going out then first dry the sweat and wash your face and hands with cold water.

  1. Breakfast

During summer days sometimes we do not feel hungry to eat anything. But for good energy or for work you need energy. So eat breakfast daily.

You can take light meal like Daliya (Porridge), Khichdi, Poha, cornflakes, oats, etc. But don’t stay without breakfast. Due to the empty stomach, the problem of gas occurs.

  1. Rest

The tiredness of your body in the summer season is natural. If you act and forcefully try to work then you feel more tiredness. So better for you to take rest for sometime in the afternoon time. Due to which your body feels energized and fresh.

  1. Food

In the summer days don’t take a heavy meal in the afternoon time. Because in these days the digestion power of stomach is lazy. So eat more and more salad, fruits, juices along with the meal. After the two hours of meal drink fruit juice and sherbets.


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