Mohinder Verma

Web Developer

Mohinder Verma is a full stack Web Developer with over 7 years’ experience in designing, building, and maintaining websites. He has been excited for developing sites with clean, right code.

Professionally, Mohinder has the satisfaction of working on small-town small business websites, all the way up to a responsive design for various organizations.

Mohinder Paul Verma

Mohinder has lived in Punjab most of his life. His home is at Nabha. Mohinder’s family is the motivation that operates to grow himself both professionally as a developer and as a human.

He’s a designer by profession but his passion for design keeps his eyes open to all things. As any web developer should be, he’s genuine and obedient.

He has joined A One Herbal team members. He is involved in the process of product development, including the initial planning, research and design.