30 Shocking Natural Remedies of Honey ! How It can be Used as an Ayurvedic Medicine ?

30 Shocking Natural Remedies of Honey ! How It can be Used as an Ayurvedic Medicine ?


Honey is the key ingredient of the Ayurvedic Treatments. Without honey ayurvedic treatment is incomplete. God has created beautiful flowers that contain nectar (Juice of flowers) naturally. And this nectar is collected by honey bee through different techniques. By using these different techniques honey bee converts nectar into the honey.

Honey has all types of nutrients which are important for human life. These nutrients are helpful for your growth and maintain the digestion process of your stomach. Honey acts as a destroyer of bacteria present in our body. Honey is the best food element.

In Ayurveda, after the milk of the mother, madhu is the second nutrition rich food for infants to grow. If you use the honey with cold milk in the winter season. Then it will keep your body healthy and fit.

And its opposite is if you will consume the shahad with one glass of water before the waste expels out during the morning time. It will help in weight loss.

Besides this, you can also take shahad with lukewarm water, milk, curd lemon juice, rice, daliya, banana, kheer, salad, etc at different -2 times.

How to Identify Pure Honey ?

Honey is the main substitute of the sweet components from ancient times. Due to its use, we know about its medicinal properties and the applications. Madhu consists of several elements. It has a huge amount of glucose and fructose.

Pure honey is not dissolved easily in water. But the Shahad with sugar is dissolvable in water. This is the common identification of pure honey. From the purification point of view, honey that has a thick consistency and has less moisturizer is considered as the best.

The madhu has properties according to the different seasons. During the winter season it freezes out and during summer season it melts. The honey of Himalaya mountains has great ayurvedic medicinal properties.

Honey According To Different Ritus (Seasons)

Honey prepared during the month of Kartik period is crystallized, white in color and has a good fragrance. The taste of this madhu contains light chilly taste when you gulp it. It finds rare. The honey obtained from Mustard flowers during the falgun period is the same as the above-said honey.

The madhu prepared during the period of Jeysth and Vaisakh is red, fragrant and less frozen. Honey of Asadh period is of red color. Its taste is bitter and its potency is hot. Sometimes it will lead to dysentery.

Ayurvedic Qualities of Honey

Honey Comb

Honey has hot potency. During the expelling of Shahad from the comb of the honey bee, its effect is hot. Its hot effect starts decreasing as it gets older. The main feature of honey is that if you consume the madhu with hot water then its potency is hot. If you use honey with cold water then it is cold in nature.

If you take the madhu with lukewarm water in the morning and evening time it helps to reduce the fatness of the body. Put the one drop of honey in your eyes daily. It will increase your eyesight and resistance power of eyes.

If you use the shahad to make skinjavi. It will provide energy to your body in the summer season. Take the honey with the juice of ginger and tulsi. It is the best ayurvedic medicine for cold and cough problems.

If you take one teaspoon of shahad it will energize the body. The power of medicine increases when it is consumed with honey. The shahad is easily digestible than any other substance.

It acts as an antiseptic medicine for wounds and corns. The spots of chickenpox can be reduced by using the madhu with lemon juice. When you will apply the honey mix with the lemon juice on your face. It will provide a glow to your face.

Ayurvedic Medicines of Honey

Honey helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle and long life. It has the power of healing like ayurvedic medicines.

  1. Honey for Freshness

If you get tired then take the one teaspoon of honey. It provides freshness to your body.

  1. Strengthen Muscles

Use the shahad with the juice of narangi, kewra ras, milk, and water. It will help to strengthen the muscles of your body.

  1. Whooping Cough (Kali Khansi)

During the problem of whooping cough, you can take madhu along with the two almonds.

  1. Honey for Hemorrhoids

To cure hemorrhoids you can take shahad by mixing with one pinch of Triphala powder.

  1. Burning Part

If your body burns out or any other part of your body burns out. Then you can apply the madhu on that burnt area. Due to this, the burning sensation will lessen.

  1. Scorpion Bite

You can take honey,desi ghee and lime powder in an equal amount. Mix all these items and apply to the bitten area. It will help to get rid of the pain of the poisoned area.

  1. Cold

Mix the shahad in the lukewarm water. Drink this water thrice a day. It will help to get relieved from the cold.

  1. Hiccups

Honey for Hiccups

In the problem of hiccups just lick up the honey. You will immediately feel relaxed.

  1. Honey for Constipation

Consume the shahad regularly to cure the constipation problem. You can use madhu in any form like take honey by mixing with lukewarm water etc.

  1. Eyes

Use the pure honey for the disease of eyes. By putting the madhu in your eyes. It will increase the eyesight of your eyes.

  1. Old Wounds

To cure the old wounds apply madhu on that infected area. It will immediately heal your wounds.

  1. Cough and Asthma

Use the honey with ginger juice in an equal amount in the problem of cough and Asthma. It will also balance the Kapha Dosha. And it will help to remove the phlegm from the body.

You can also take the decoction of adosa. Add shahad to it to cure the cough problems.

Ginger honey

In the problem of asthma, you can take the Kapoor kajri, Pushkar mool, and the powder of Indian Gooseberry. Now mix all these items with shahad and take it.

  1. Weight Loss

Before the waste expel out in the morning time. Consume the one teaspoon of shahad by mixing with water regularly. It will help in weight loss.

  1. Honey for Clot

If any wound from which the blood is not stopped. Then apply shahad on that wound it will clot the blood.

  1. Insomnia

To cure the problem of insomnia use madhu. It will increase the power of sleep.

You can also use the madhu by adding it into the vegetable of brinjal. It will very useful in the problem of insomnia.

  1. Skin Diseases

Drink the shahad by mixing in water regularly. It will cure all types of skin diseases.

  1. High Blood Pressure

During the problem of high blood pressure, you can take the madhu with the garlic. Take the garlic cloves and grind it. Now mix these smashed cloves of garlic with madhu. Take this mixture regularly you will see results very soon.

  1. Honey for Infants

Give the madhu to the infants and small children for nine months. Due to it the infants and children do not suffer from diseases.

Madhu is helpful for killing the stomach worms and also cures the teeth disease pyorrhoea.

In the case of infants when the teeth come out. Then the infant feels the pain. Give the shahad to the infant so that he will not feel the pain.

  1. Stones


Use the honey along with the Gokhru powder. It will help to remove the stones from the stomach.

  1.  Malaria

In the case of malaria take the one glass of lukewarm water. Now mix the two teaspoons of madhu into the water.

Drink this water. Due to this, the body gets sweated and the fever is maintained.

  1. Wounds of Mouth

To cure the wounds of mouth. Consume the two teaspoons of madhu by mixing it to the pure water every morning.

  1. Intestine Problems

During the intestine problems, you can take the shahad with the juice of Indian Gooseberry. It will treat all type of intestine problems.

By using madhu the poisoned material will expel out from the intestine and the worms will be expelled out.

  1. Brain Weakness

You can take the juice of pomegranate and shahad. Mix these two items. Consume this juice daily to treat the brain weakness, laziness, and tiredness of your body.

  1. Honey for Migraine

In the pain of half headache. Drink the two teaspoons of madhu by mixing with the lukewarm water. You will see the results very soon.

  1. Tonsils

In the case of tonsils use the madhu and mix with the juice of apple. It will help to cure the tonsils immediately.

  1. Jaundice

Take the ripe mango fruit and extract out the juice of mango. Now add some madhu to the mango juice. Drink this juice to cure jaundice.

  1. Leucorrhea

In the problem of leucorrhea, you can take the madhu and ripe banana fruit. Now fill the banana fruit with madhu and take it to cure the leucorrhea problem.

  1. Vomit

When vomiting occurs. Take the shahad and the juice of mint (Pudina). Mix these two items and consume it. It will immediately cure the vomiting problem.

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