20 Best Herbal Remedies and Benefits of Neem

20 Best Herbal Remedies and Benefits of Neem

Introduction of Neem

Neem is a very famous tree. Villages and towns have more productivity in neem. Azadirachta indica is an evergreen tree. Grows throughout all over India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Maynammar, Pakistan, Japan and tropical regions of Australia and America.

It grows widely in wet areas than the dry ones. The Nim tree grows and large in sizes like the tree of Bargad (Banyan tree) and Peppal (Ficus religiosa) tree. Branches of Nimb tree are thick and spread widely. Leaves are small, toothy and have a crescent shape and have white colored flowers.

Thin branches of neem have leaf and spread on both sides of thin branches. The tree of margosa has the growing age of 1000 years and the wood of old neem tree has a fragrance like the tree of white Sandalwood (Chandan Tree). Azadirachta contains resin-like gum same as the Babool tree.

But the gum of the neem tree is not too sticky. Margosa tree has a male and female category.

Different Names of Neem

Famous Name: Neem

Hindi Name: Nim, Nimb

Sanskrit Name: Nimb

Bengali Name: Neem

English Name: Neem, Margosa Tree

Latin Name: Melia Azadira Chtalinn, Azadirachta indicab

Types of Neem

Neem Water

Neem has five types of tree and all the types have the same benefits in Ayurveda.

  1. One type of Neem tree finds everywhere easily.
  2. The second type of margosa tree is Maha Nimb. This type of tree is bigger than the common neem tree. Leaves are also lengthy and wide.
  3. The third type of Azadirachta is Bohey Nimb. It is smaller than the ordinary one. Its branches are spread near the leaves.
  4. The fourth type of Nimb is  Karyapatt. It has more branches than the other one.
  5. The fifth type of nim is  Ram Nimb. The parts of this tree have more bitterness than other types. If you sit under this neem tree then you will feel after a few minutes the taste of your mouth also gets bitter.

The fifth type of neem tree is available in the Marwada, Punjab, and Haryana. Flowers grow in the spring season on the margosa tree. These flowers are yellow in color and have fragrance. Fruits grow and riped in the rainy season.

The seed of nimb is sweet and bitter in taste. Fruit of the neem tree is Nimboli. The seed of nim is similar to the seed of pistachio. All parts of neem tree like root, bark, flowers, wood, leaves, and fruits has a bitter taste. The wood of Azadirachta tree uses in the making of furniture. Its potency is hot and dry in nature.

Benefits of Neem

Neem is a blood purifier and cures all type of rakt doshas. Margosa is beneficial for any type of corns, skin diseases, vitiligo, etc. It also pacifies the vata dosha. It cures all type of seasonal fevers.

Hakim Ali Gilani said that the neem is useful for various winter diseases and wounds. It has several benefits in Ayurveda and different parts of nimb are used to cure various diseases. Sometimes its leaves are dried and make a powder of it to treat problems of the body.

Leaves and branches are also used by soaking into the water that water should be consumed. If you will use the branches of neem as datun you will never be attacked by the pyorrhea disease of teeth.

Herbal Remedies of Neem Leaves

  1.   Doshas

Burn the leaves of neem and make a powder of that burnt leaves. Mix this powder with rock salt and take this powder. It will help in the balance of kapha dosha, cough related and asthma problem.

  1. Hair Problems

Hair Problems

Boil the leaves of nimb in the water and use that water to wash your hair. It will help in reducing the hair fall. It provides black color and strengthens to your hair. By using this the lice of hair are dead.

  1. Cholera and Plague

Take the leaves of neem 12 gm, pippal leaves 1 naga. Make a paste of these leaves by adding water into it. Take this paste to cure cholera and plague problem. This herbal remedy is also helpful in the cold and cough problem.

Neem leaves 12, 6 gm black pepper and grinds these two ingredients. Now make a paste of it and make tablets of that paste. Take one tablet with lukewarm water to cure the cough and plague problem.

  1. Menstrual

Take the 7 leaves of neem and the juice of ginger. Make a paste of leaves in the juice of ginger. It will help to reduce the pain in a menstrual problem.

  1. Corns

Take the leaves of Azadirachta and grind these leaves. Add some rock salt in it. Now heat this paste and apply on the corns you will feel relaxed.

  1. Wounds

Take the leaves of the nim tree and put the leaves into the mud pot. Close the mud pot mouth with the leaves of the castor (Arandi) plant.

Castor leaves

Put this mud pot on the medium flame to provide steam to the leaves of neem. Now apply this paste to clean and cure the wounds immediately.

  1.  Neem for Teeth Pain

Boil the leaves of margosa and gargle with that water. It will help to relieve the pain of gums and teeth. If you drink this water it will cure th gastric trouble in the stomach. It also cleans and cures the wounds of the urinary tract.

  1. Itching and Daad (Ringworms)

The new leaves of the neem tree grow in the Spring season. Grind 7 leaves of neem and 7 pieces of kali mirch (Black Pepper).

Drink this syrup regularly for 7 days. It will treat the itching, ringworms, and rakt (Blood) diseases. During the intake of this syrup, you will eat the channa chapati with desi ghee.

  1. Fever and Stomach Worms

6 gm leaves of nim and soaks into the water. Consume this water daily for one week. It will help to cure the fever and expel out all the worms from the stomach.

Grind the leaves of margosa and apply this paste on your stomach. Now sit on the front of the fire and this will help in the removal of the worms from your stomach. It will also help to purify the blood.

  1. Earache

Boil the leaves of the Azadirachta and take the steam of that water. By doing this you will get rid of the earache pain.

  1. Eyes Problem

Warm the neem leaves on the Tava or Chappatti Pan. Grind these leaves and make a powder of it. Now put this ash into your eyes to cure the cataract, burning sensation, Watery eyes and other eyes related problems.

  1. White Spots on Face

Flowers of Neem

Take the dried leaves, flower, fruits, and bark of the nim tree in an equal amount. Grind all the ingredients and take this 2gm of the mixture every day for two weeks. It will treat the white spots on the face.

  1. Arthritis and Head Lice

Take the neem leaves and grind this leaves. Add these leaves into the oil and boil this oil until the powder turns into the black in color.

Now sieve the oil and apply on your hair which helps in the removal of the head lice. By using this oil on your joints you will get rid of the pain of arthritis.

  1. Ark of Neem Leaves

Take the fresh leaves of neem and boil these leaves into the 10 liters of water. The ark is ready. Now consume this 40 gm of ark regularly. This will help to cure stomach related problems and vomiting.

  1. Chicken Pox

In the problem of chicken pox and take the fresh leaves of the nim. Place these leaves into the room and on the bed of the patient.

By doing this it will purify the air around the patient. It will also cure the chicken pox and also apply the paste on the black spots of chicken pox. It will clear the black spots on the skin.

  1. Hemorrhoids

Take the margosa leaves 250 gm and soak these leaves into the 2 kg of water overnight. Next morning sieve these leaves.

Now take the 1 kg desi cow ghee and put these leaves water into the ghee. By putting all these into the mud pot and place that mud pot on the fire, cover it and cook on medium flame.

Cook on the flame until only ghee remains and take off the mud pot from the fire. Eat this 6 gm of ghee by mixing it into the milk and you can also apply on the piles that will cure the problem of hemorrhoids.

Grind the neem leaves and make tablets of it. Now roast these tablets into the ghee. Apply this roasted tablets on the piles this is a help to get rid of the pain of Arsha.

  1. Neem Ointment

Neem Cream

This ointment is very useful to cure corns and wounds. By applying this ointment, the wounds are easily healed.

Grind the Azadirachta leaves and make tablets of it. Now take the desi cow ghee in an equal amount of tablets. And warm the ghee and put the tablets into the warmth ghee.

When the tablets are turns into black colored. Take out the tablets from the ghee and add the wax into that ghee. Take off from the fire.

If the ghee has the weight of 100 gm then you will take the wax 20 gm only. This ointment also helps to treat the itching, ringworms, eczema, and wounds.

  1. For Burning Body

Take the100 gm of desi ghee and 80 gm of neem leaves. Grind the leaves and make the tablets of it. Cook these tablets into the ghee until the tablets are not burnt out.

Apply this ghee on the affected area. It will help to remove the ulcers of the burning area.

  1. Blood Purifier

Take the gum of margosa tree and grind it, make a powder of it. Now eat ½ gm of this powder to purify the blood and to cure the other blood-related problems.

  1. Malaria

Take the bark of neem, tulsi leaves each 250 gm, 12 gm black pepper. Grind all these ingredients and make tablets of it. Eat two tablets every morning and evening to cure malaria disease.

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