How to protect yourself from Summer? What are the facts to live a healthy lifestyle in Summer Season?

How to protect yourself from Summer? What are the facts to live a healthy lifestyle in Summer Season?

During the days of the summer, we recommend becoming more alert than the winter. Because in the summer there is no mean that led to the growth of your body. But in winter your body can grow. In the summer according to your digestion power, you can pay attention to your diet and living habits.

We can say that winter is for rich people. And the summer is for poor people. In the winter, the digestion power is strong. And you can take a nourished and balanced diet during winter. It is necessary to take a nutritious and balanced diet in winter. Because the Jathar Agni of the stomach is active in the winter. If you don’t take nutritious diet then jathar agni will harm your body.

Due to this, the body becomes weak and malnourished. For the nourished and balanced diet, we need money. It is not only a matter of diet but also of living habits. Because in the winter we have to wear warm clothes. So that we save our body from the cold. But the poor people have not much money for a nourished and balanced diet for the winter.

The summer is the best season for poor people. And this season have its own pleasure. In these days the diet should be taken in adequate amount. And we have to take a simple or light balanced diet and not the heavy diet. We have not to need warm and heavy clothes to protect our body.

In this condition, if we use our sense and live according to the season. Then our body becomes healthy, a body without any disease. And we live a healthy lifestyle. All this depend upon our nature. But we do not pay attention to our mindset. Due to which we suffer from various diseases in the summer.

In today’s world, we depend on the comforts available to us. We love the easy living, Concession, facilities and easy-going. Everyone wishes or loves easy living and going. Due to this, the human body and it’s living habits suffer. The man habits and diet decide that they live a healthy and hygienic life or unhealthy and unhygienic life.

Healthy Lifetsyle for summer

Due to our living standards, we suffer a lot and use unnatural things and live life in unnatural ways. I am not against the facilities and other things. Use it, I have also used but used it in limit not exceed your limits.  By using these facilities we break the rules of nature. To live a healthy and hygienic life, you should change your mindset. Because the mindset is very important if you want to live a healthy and hygienic life. So in Summer season choose your healthy diet and live a healthy lifestyle. Here we discuss the health facts about how we live a healthy and hygienic life. Let’s discuss what you can do for your better lifestyle.

In summer don’t use or eat the food and things that make your body weak, warm and imbalance the Pitta Dosha. That decrease resistance power of your body and leads acidity in the stomach. Take a balanced diet which makes a balance between three doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha Dosha. A diet balances the digestion power removes constipation and provides nutrition to your body.

We make sure that we learn about this sūtra we eat and live according to the season. In the summer, you can protect your body for yourself. Due to the polluted atmosphere, we also suffer from diseases. Because pollution harms our food, eatable things and wind in the air which affects our body. Pollution is a slow poison for our health. So be careful to protect your body from any kind of problem. You have to pay attention to living and eating standards.

If you do not give attention then we will pay for it. For the summer, Ayurveda tells us

“Bhajane Madhur Mewanam Lagu Snigadhm Him Dravam

Su Shitalo Pasikitango Lihat Saktun Sash Rakan”

Barley (Sattu) Drink

It means in the summer, you can take Substances that have sugar in the juice. And also substances should be Light, Lubricant, cold and liquid. Take a bath with cold water and drink the sugar mixed with barley (Sattu) water. Especially in India the Sattu is most wanted substance for the summer. Because the sattu or barley provides coolness to your body and quenches the thirst very rapidly.

In the summer, the sun is in Utrayan place and very near to the earth. In Ayurveda

“Tikshanum Shurti Tikshanum Shu Grishame Sankshi Pativ Yat

Pratayam Kshiyte Leshama Ten Vayush Vardate”

According to Ashtanga Haridya, the sun is with its extreme heat rays provides more warmness to the earth. Due to which the human body will suffer. The water level of the human body decreases and the vata dosha increases. And in the summer, we feel weakness and uneasiness. This is due to the heat rays of the sun that helps to decrease the water level in your body.

The message of decreasing the water level is conveyed through the conditions like thirst, dry throat and less in energy, etc. By drinking the cold water you feel energized, relax, get rid of thirst and balance is maintained in the water level.

How to Protect Yourself in the Summer Season

Ghiya for summer

  1. In the summer stay away from the hot, oily, spicy things, meat, and alcohol. Due to this diet, your body will show you effects like increases hotness or warmness in your body and imbalances the pitta dosha. You will suffer from problems like acidity, hyperacidity, ulcer, wounds in the mouth, burning in urine, dysentery, blood in the stool, etc.
  2. Don’t eat arhar ki daal (lentils), gram flour (Besan) contained things, Namkeen and sour things. Due to these things, the dryness and hotness in the stomach occur.
  3. More use of tea, coffee, tobacco, and smoking leads to increase the acidity.
  4. In the night-time drink the milk that has sugar. And also add 1-2 teaspoon of desi ghee or clarified butter in the milk. It balances the warmness and acidity of the stomach.
  5. The milk should not be too much hot or cold. And drink the milk after 2-3 hours of dinner.
  6. Eat the green mung bean lentil every day for 10 -15 days to cure the dryness of stomach, warmness, and acidity of the stomach. Put 1-2 teaspoon of desi ghee in the lentil of green mung bean. And take it.
  7. Consume the cold water within an hour every day. Don’t drink the refrigerated water or too chilled water. Drink only water preserved in a mud pot. And if you want to drink chilled water then add some normal water in it.
  8. The refrigerator chilled water harms your gums, teeth, throat and lessens the burning power of jatharagni in the stomach. Due to which the digestion process slows down. And Constipation and indigestion occur.
  9. Drink more and more coconut water, lemon shikanjvi by adding sugar, orange and masaumi juice, sugarcane juice, sugared sattu or barley water, milk added water lassi, glucose, thandai, sherbets, etc.
  10. In the eatables, you can eat rice, green mung bean lentil, sponge gourd (Ghiya), ridge gourd (tori), watermelon, black gram (Black channa), unripe banana vegetable, mint, coriander, raw mango vegetable, ripe mango, Rava halwa (Sujji Halwa), Kheer or rice pudding etc.

Summer Health Facts

Mung Beans for summer

  1. When you go out of your home. Drink one glass of cold water before you go. Due to this, the summer will not affect you more.
  2. If you are traveling for an outing or picnic and work. Then you can take 2-5 Batasha (Clout nail) along with amritdara, pudin hara, and pran sudhi.
  3. If you wake up for the late night after 10 pm. Then drink one glass of water within every hour until you cannot go for sleep.
  4. If you go out in the sun. Then wear the cap and wrap the cloth on your head.
  5. If you are out in the sun then don’t drink water immediately? Wait for some time and dry the sweat. Then drink the water or any liquid sip by sip.
  6. In the night-time of summer. Don’t take heavy diet and oily food, gram flour food, yogurt, onion, etc. Eat light dinner, if you feel the problem of indigestion, acidity and heavy stomach. Then eat the khichdi for 4-5 days. You can take 2 part of mung beans and 1 part of rice to prepare khichdi.
  7. Before going to the washroom drink water in the morning time. In the night-time take lukewarm milk mixed with 1-2 teaspoon of desi ghee. In the summer, you can use the milk of a cow.
  8. Consume daily one glass of shikanjvi with sugar, sweet sherbets, sattu (Barley) and glucose to beat the heat of the sun.


Shikanjvi for dehydration

If you feel that your body water level decreases. Then you can take one teaspoon of salt, baking soda, 8 teaspoons of sugar, half teaspoon lemon juice. Boil all these ingredients and cool them. Drink 2-2 teaspoon of this mixture in one glass of water every 2 hours.

Due to this, the problems like dehydration, decrease in water level, diarrhea, dysentery, constipation, acidity, and stroke down by hot wind (Loo Lagna) become curable.

Eatables Not to Take

Some eatables which we like to eat. But they are heavy and need more digestion power to digest in the summer. Like Urad, Toor lentils, mustard, sour yogurt, honey, brinjal vegetable, oily, sour, warm and spicy food. Avoid food like Kachori, samosa, chaat, puri, paranthe and eggs, meat and alcohol.

Routine Facts

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle. Then you can follow a routine like changing your habits and your attitude towards living life. Your lifestyle and daily routine have a good and bad effect on your health. You can prevent diseases by paying attention to the daily routine of your life. Due to carelessness and ignorance, we fall ill and we spent the money on medicines to cure the diseases. Use that money to give nourishment to your body. And eat a balanced diet that is good for your health and for your body.

As food substances of hot potency are prohibited during summer. Similarly, prohibit the activities that increase the hotness in your body.

  1. In the summer, do exercise daily. And avoid excess wandering under the sun and excess physical work.
  2. Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and smoking in the summer.
  3. During the summer, the digestion power becomes weak. Therefore you have to avoid meat. If you eat meat then you have to suffer from many diseases like dysentery, diarrhea, cholera, food poisoning, gas trouble, and hyperacidity, liver problems, increases cholesterol level, blood pressure, and heart diseases.

So I have discussed several do’s and dont’s to live a healthy lifestyle during the summer. Adapt these facts and save yourself.

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